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Employer Sponsor Visa

In the land of opportunities, there are no limits, and Australia is no different. In this article, you will learn of another method via which you can legally work and reside in the land down under. Presenting, the Employer Sponsor Visa, also known as Subclass 186.

The premise of this Australian Visa is simple: If you’re an International person connected to an employer in Australia, you can reside and work in the country given that your Employer elects to bring you here.


According to the Official Site of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, there are three streams or subcategories under the Employer Sponsor Visa.

These are:

● Direct Entry Stream: This stream allows you to enter Australia if you are the skilled employee of an Australian Employer who has selected you to reside and work in the country indefinitely.


You must be working under an Australian Employer.

Your job or occupation is listed in the country’s Official list of Eligible and

Skilled Occupations.

You must be fluent in English.

Length of Stay: Permanent.

Cost: Will start from AUD 4,100.

Length of Applications Processing:

One-Quarter of Applications submitted will take 3 months to process.

For around 90%, the processing time can extend to 9 months.

● Direct Entry Stream: You can apply for this Stream Visa if your employer is partial to a Labour Agreement. Once accepted, you can live and work under your employer permanently.

Conditions: Same as the above streams, but your Employer should be under a Labour Agreement.

Length of Stay: Permanently.

Cost: Begins from AUS 4,115

Processing Time:

One-Quarter of Applications submitted will take 35 days.

For around 90% of applicants, the processing will take up to 24 months.

● Direct Entry Stream: Similar to the Direct Entry Stream. This stream too allows you to enter Australia given that you are nominated by an Australian employer to work and live in the country.


You have at least 3 years of experience working under your Australian Employer

You must be the holder of a TSS, 457, or the related A, B, or C.

Length of Stay: Permanently.

Cost: Begins from AUS 4,115

Processing Time:

25% of Applications have a 4 months processing time.

90% of applicants have a processing time of almost 21 months.



Eligibility & Conditions

As mentioned previously, the conditions may vary depending on which stream you apply for your visa.

An additional condition that may be connected would be that you must not marry, or move into a de facto relationship when your visa is granted. These are the details that you must mention in your application form. Of course, for any further queries, you can always contact your travel agent or the official site of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs.


The process is quite simple:

  • Firstly, as an individual and prospective applicant, you need to check whether or not you’re eligible for applying for a Subclass 186 or any of its streams.
  • Then, it is ensured that your Employer has nominated you.
  • You will be directed to apply for the Visa within 6 months.
  • The last step is the processing of the Visa itself. This will vary depending on the stream you have selected.

Australian migration is a very complex process so it is always advised to consult with a professional before you proceed with the application.

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