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NSW 190/491

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The Federal government has granted 4000 slots to the state government of New South Wales (‘NSW’) for this fiscal year under the state nomination visa system.
Subclass 190 or Subclass 491 are the two streams, both of which are self-contained programs that do not require a corporate sponsor.

  • The 190 visa is a permanent residence permit that permits skilled people to live and work in NSW, particularly in Sydney.
  • The 491 visa is a temporary visa designed to help rural New South Wales get the people and skills it needs to thrive and flourish.
Candidates can apply to be nominated in one of three ways:
  1. Stream 1 – is for those who live and work in regional NSW.
  2.  Stream 2- is for those who have finished their studies in the state’s regional areas .
  3. Stream 3 – is for those persons with a skill set in an area of New South Wales that is in high demand.

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