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Outcomes Based Assessment (OBA)

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If you hold a nursing degree from another country and wish to practise in Australia, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). When applying for various Australian visas, this first examination is frequently necessary.

Your qualifications will be evaluated by NMBA based on three criteria:

  • For registration, qualifications must be acknowledged.
  • Quality assurance was required, and the qualification was recognised or approved by a body outside of the educational institution.
  • The qualification is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor degree for registered nurses and a diploma for enrolled nurses in terms of academic level.


There are no costs associated with the online Self-check. IQNMs who are encouraged to advance with the IQNM procedure must pay a non-refundable assessment cost of AUD 640 after completing the Self-check. This money is used by AHPRA to review the IQNM documents and for the orientation.


OBA (Outcomes-Based Assessment) is a two-stage evaluation process:

  • Stage one is a cognitive evaluation that includes a computer-based multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam and an objective structured clinical exam.
  • Stage two – A behavioural evaluation of IQNM’s knowledge, abilities, and competence as an equivalency of a graduate-level Australian nurse or midwife is assessed in the form of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).

To get more information or any query please consult our education expert through email.

Australian migration is a very complex process so it is always advised to consult with a professional before you proceed with the application.

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