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Character and health requirements

Some students may be required to undergo a medical or radiological examination to demonstrate their excellent health.
All overseas students, except Norway and Belgium, must get Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSCH.)

Before visa approval may be granted, applicants must fulfill specific health standards in Australia. The essential need is that you be clear of any sickness or condition that may:

  • Be a hazard to public health or a danger to the Australian population.
  • Incur significant health-care or community-service expenditures.
  • Require health treatment or services that are unavailable to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

To fulfill the Australia visa criteria for health, applicants may be asked to undergo a health examination, which will be evaluated by a Commonwealth Medical Officer (MOC). Those with serious health conditions will be asked to sign an Australian health undertaking agreement to track their progress with an onshore health professional, especially if the illness is severe.

  • They had their medical examinations outside of Australia.
  • Is applying for an Australian protection visa.
  • Is more likely to acquire active TB.
  • Has a serious health problem, such as TB, HIV, hepatitis B or C, or Hansen’s disease.

Character Requirements

Satisfying character standards to enter Australia is an important aspect of meeting Australia visa requirements. If the applicant has no significant criminal record and a general record of good behavior, the visa for Australia will be approved.

However, if there is a perceived danger that the applicant would participate in criminal behavior, they will not be able to enter Australia. The candidate must show that they:

  • You have no intention of harassing, molesting, intimidating, or stalking another individual.
  • I have no intention of inciting strife or vilifying any segment of the Australian population.
  • There is no threat to the Australian community.

Following the submission of a visa application, passengers may be required to provide further information to authenticate their character, such as:

  • A police certificate (also known as a penal clearance certificate) from each nation in which the applicant has lived.
  • A letter from an employer confirming excellent behaviour.
  • A character statutory statement that has been completed.
  • A military certificate proving that no crimes were committed while serving in the military. This only applies to people who have served in any armed force for more than 12 months and can be a letter from the applicant’s commanding commander.

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