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Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program (Visa 491)

Visa 491 permits you to stay in Tasmania for up to five years and work there. After you’ve resided in Tasmania for at least three years and earned a minimum taxable income that matches the Department of Home Affairs’ minimum threshold (currently set at AU$53,900), you can apply. Then you can apply for permanent residency (Subclass 191 Permanent Residence) in the United Kingdom.

Tasmanian Graduate (Category 1):

You must fulfill all of the following requirements to be considered for this category.

You must have completed and graduated from a CRICOS-accredited Tasmanian tertiary institution. A degree (bachelor’s or above), a certificate (standard, advanced, associate, or graduate), or a trade qualification (minimum Cert III level for a skilled occupation in ANZSCO Major Group 3) must be completed.
must be for a minimum of one academic year (40 weeks)
You must be full-time and on-site in Tasmania; you must have resided in the state for at least one year throughout your studies; you and your dependents must be currently residing in Tasmania, and you must be able to demonstrate your true commitment to the state.

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