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Courses with good PR Prospect

International students from all over the world fly to Australia because it is a very appealing country to live, study, and work in also because of its stable and open economy, appealing employment options and universities, well-ranked ,good infrastructure, multicultural society, gorgeous landscapes, and English language, Australia is a preferred destination for students. Many overseas students strive for a high-quality lifestyle in Australia. Find out more about student visas (SC500).

International students who want to study, work and live in Australia after finishing their studies should first apply for an Australia Student Visa. A foreign student may be entitled to apply for an Australian post-study work visa under subclass 485, after two years of studies in Australian universities, vocational schools, or colleges that offer higher education (and are CRICOS accredited). Depending on your qualifications, an Australian post-study work visa may be given for a variety of time periods.

Changes to the term of the 485 visa

If the student meets the points test and other eligibility conditions, they can look for a permanent residency pathway in Australia. If they have a willing employer, they can apply for a TSS visa or the permanent ENS 186/RSMS 187 visa. If applying through General Skilled Migration, the applicant must have received a positive skills assessment from the applicable skills assessing authority and work in a job that is specified as eligible for the visa category.

It’s crucial to remember that your study field and nominated occupation must be compatible, even if appropriate work experience may be substituted for a formal qualification in some situations.

Some Important points on courses that lead to PR:

  • Studying in Australia for a minimum of two years (closely linked) is generally required, but this may vary based on your topic of study or level (vocational or higher ed).
  • The profession you select must be a good fit for you. Job Descriptions from ANZSCO: Certain occupations have necessary fields of study at either higher education or vocational levels, as you can discover if you Google ‘anzco employment descriptions.’ These educational criteria must be met in order to be considered for these positions.
  • Within six months of completing your studies, you should apply for a PSWV 485 visa.
  • Study program that has been approved by CRICOS.

Find a Course

Study Pathways that may meet the 2-year course requirement for positions on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. Some of them are as follows :

Australian migration is a very complex process so it is always advised to consult with a professional before you proceed with the application.

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