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You must have enough money on hand to cover your course fees, travel expenses, and living expenses for you and your accompanying family members while in Australia. To see if you have enough money for an Australian student visa, use our one-of-a-kind calculator. If you need to show that you have the financial capacity, you can do so by submitting one of the following documents:

Option 1: Provide proof of finances for the student and accompanying family members to pay for travel to Australia, as well as 12 months of living, course, and (for school-aged dependants) schooling fees.
If you are visiting Australia for a short amount of time, you will just need to produce proof of finances for the duration of your stay.

Option 2: Show proof that you fulfill the annual income criteria.

Use our calculator to figure out how much money you’ll need to apply for an Australian visa (using the 12-month option).

What is the formula for calculating the Australian Student Visa Fund?


If your course cost is AUD20,000 for 18 months, divide the entire amount by the number of months, then multiply by 12 (20,000 / 18 x 12). The total payment is AUD13,333.

Australian migration is a very complex process so it is always advised to consult with a professional before you proceed with the application.

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