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AMC Globle is a global education and migration agency. Our headquarters are in Canberra, Australia, and we have offices in 24 countries worldwide, representing over 300 education providers. AMC Globle has a staff of qualified education agent counsellors and certified migration agents (QEAC). Our Endeavor is a precise and true technique as a group of integrated professionals. Processing visa applications appropriately by acknowledging and adhering to each country’s regulations. We have successfully recruited over 3000 international students each year to Australian and New Zealand institutions from our global offices for more than 6 years. AMC Globle has become a true multinational with reverberations across continents as a result of its extensive growth.

Company Goals: 

  • Assisting clients with visa applications, institution applications, and the transition to studying in their chosen country.
  • Through our global offices, we promote international education and mobility.
  • Our Global Offices are actively promoting our institutional and service partners.
  • With honesty and sincerity, provide personal and professional counsel.
  • Provide information on the lifestyle and cost of living in a foreign country.
  • Maintain constant contact with clients while they are away, assisting them with any problems or general questions they may have.
  • Follow the norms and regulations outlined in our education providers’ and partners’ contracts.
  • Maintain ongoing training for all of our Education Consultants in regards to visa and institution regulations, as well as course options.

Name of Office: AMC Globle( Multan Branch)


Address : 

52-A, Gulgasht Colony Multan 

Tel :

042 222-236-300 

Email :


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